Need a sales solution but don’t know where to start?

Is your existing sales force taking market share on a profitable basis? Have you reviewed your sales operation practices to ensure they are producing the desired results?

Effective sales performance is the result of good market assessment, organizational design, and program management. Whether your organization is a large enterprise, small business, or start-up, Netpique can help you understand how to improve your sales performance by taking a pragmatic and unbiased view of your sales function. We can help you find answers that will drive profitable sales growth. Common needs include:

  • Customer Acquisition Modeling
  • Channel Selection
  • Contact Strategies
  • Sales Training
  • Compensation
  • Recruiting & Onboarding
  • Sales Metrics
  • Organization Design
  • Accountability Implementation

Sales Analytics

Our well-developed analytics system will help you drive sales results that align with your goals, as well as pinpoint and address problem areas.

  • Track Program level performance against KPI's
  • Pipeline reporting on an initiative-wide basis
  • Sales Forecasting based on concrete data and accurate projections

Job Design and Compensation

The first step toward acquiring and retaining successful sales executives is defining a job description, determining necessary experience and skill-set, and creating a compensation plan appropriate for your product, industry, and goals.

  • Alignment of job types with business goals (i.e., acquisition, penetration, customer retention)
  • Job descriptions
  • Compensation plan design, documentation and presentation deck appropriate to a sales management audience
  • Goal setting by job type
  • Organizational charts
  • Deployment options, including territory analysis and definition
  • “Heat Maps”  demonstrating opportunities within designed territories
  • If recurring, a quarterly analysis of compensation plan performance and deployment options

Functional Support

Netpique will give your sales managers the tools they need to conduct effective training sessions, control the sales process, and manage their teams for maximum performance. We will also help with CRM development, communications, and personnel structuring.

  • Sales process flow
  • Sales management toolkit, based on Netpique Learning Solutions
  • CRM development and processes
  • Sales Force Communications Management
  • Communications calendar and output (newsletters, program updates, product enhancements, skill development, etc.)
  • Chief of Staff to the Sales Organization
  • Stewardship of Sales Force Capacity
  • Initiative Change Management
  • Sales Operations Team Design
  • Sales Operations Talent Management
  • Performance Management

While sales analytics provide program-level assessment, assessing performance at the individual sales executive level is just as important. Netpique will help you put a program in place that provides growth, accountability, and success for each member of your sales team.

  • Individual sales executive performance versus goal
  • Performance intervention recommendations
  • “Accountability Calls” with sales management to drive appropriate performance resolution
  • Incentive Plan Design
  • GTM Strategy Alignment with Roles and Components
  • Territory Analysis and Definition
  • Goal Setting

Sales Administration

Your sales team needs a well designed administration structure to support it, seamlessly integrating sales orders into your fulfillment system and ensuring the validity of the sale.

  • Sales order entry
  • Quality control – process development and completion
  • Proposal/Contract Development
  • Vendor Selection and Management
  • Planning Process Stewardship

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