Major Hospitality Company Hires Netpique to Augment Strategic Growth & Implement Sales Development

Industry: Hospitality

Client is one of the top ten hotel chains in the world with over 7,000 locations representing 500,000 rooms in 30 different countries. This U.S.-based company has revenue of $640 million per year and consists of multiple brands that represent a variety of value propositions.

Client Needs

Our client’s objective for our initial engagement was to help franchisees build sales through supporting and enhancing their cold-calling sales skills. Franchisees needed help equipping their staff members with selling skills and planning for a hard-hitting tactical approach to creating relationships and driving revenue.

The goal was to improve awareness of the brand in the local market and develop a robust pipeline for future events and room packages. The client not only wanted its employees to learn sales skills, but also to practice applying those skills in a meaningful way that would reinforce learning and enable them to employ their new skills in the real world.

The Netpique Solution

Netpique developed a customized sales training package that was highly tactical in nature. Training included such basic elements as the steps of a sale, goal setting, and the characteristics of a successful sales person – all elements that would translate across the client’s various brands. The program concluded with an application that also cut across all brands:  a blitz day requiring all participating employees to make cold calls and receive feedback and coaching to improve their skill set.

A significant additional benefit of the blitz day was generation of additional brand recognition and pipeline build for future events. Ultimately, the participants learned new skills, applied them in a real market with real interactions and developed knowledge that would allow for continued focus on acquisition through hunting efforts. 

Netpique Results

During this first phase of engagement, Netpique conducted an intensive two day face-to-face training session, including a day of classroom training on basic cold-calling and selling skills, a half day supervised blitz, and a half day debrief on the blitz experience. The client reported that employee response was universally positive, and that the training resulted in greatly increased confidence, excitement, and effectiveness on the part of their sales teams. The leads generated by the blitzes not only augmented productivity in the short term, but also created sales momentum going forward. 

The client has re-engaged Netpique to implement an expanded program focused on just one of the client’s brands, but with a greater number of participants. In this new engagement, Netpique will augment the strategic planning component, identifying tactics that support strategies and goals, and putting tracking mechanisms in place.

For three months, Netpique will conduct weekly coaching and accountability calls to ensure compliance with tactical plans and adjustment where necessary. During these weekly calls, Netpique will identify areas where coaching would benefit participants and provide that coaching. In addition, participants will have an opportunity to attend various webinars of their choice that will cover an array of general sales topics as well as topics specific to the hospitality industry, such as effective networking within a local community. As a “reward,” properties that actively participate in the accountability phase of the program will receive a blitz day organized and facilitated by Netpique. 

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