Top Three Email Apps for Sales

In-person sales tend to be more effective than either telephone or email contacts. But your sales team probably uses email to follow up on sales prospects, or even to make initial contacts.

Are you and your sales representatives making the most of your email correspondence? Do you know if people are even reading your emails? Do you have a way to easily remember who you need to follow up on today? There are quite a few simple apps that can make email easier to use and more powerful for nurturing sales leads. Here are a few of my favorites:


Would you like to be able to call your sales prospect right after he or she opens your email? Signals will let you do just that. Install it, and you will receive an instant notification whenever someone opens an email you’ve sent, or clicks on a link within your email.

That means that you know not only whether your sales prospects are opening your emails, but also exactly when they’re opening them, and how many times. You’ll be able to gauge their interest level (yep, the prospect who has opened your email five times in the past two days is probably more interested than the one who hasn’t opened it once) and respond with uncannily brilliant timing.

A sales prospect who opened your email three minutes ago not only remembers you and what you’re selling, but may also be blown away by your seemingly psychic abilities when you call.


One of the core features of Boomerang is that it allows you to schedule an email to be automatically sent at the perfect time in the future. So if you’re catching up on email on a Saturday, but don’t want your replies to get buried over the weekend, you can schedule them to send on Tuesday morning, for instance.

However, Boomerang doesn’t stop there. You can also tell the app to remind you to follow up on an email if you don’t hear back within a certain time-frame. Alternatively, if an email in your inbox needs attention, but not immediately, you can temporarily archive it, and Boomerang will bring it back to your inbox at the time that you specify.

Boomerang can help you stay on top of your prospects, remember to follow up on them, and keep them from slipping through the cracks.


This app gives you succinct picture of who it is that is emailing you. Once you install Rapportive, when you open an email it will replace the ads that are normally on the right side with a profile of the sender.

You’ll see a photo of the person, his or her location, job title, and company. If you choose to enable it, the app will also pull that person’s LinkedIn profile, as well as his or her most recent tweets. There’s even a space below the profile for you to enter private notes about the person.

The uses of this app are obviously manifold. You can comment on a prospect’s most recent tweet or connect with him or her on LinkedIn. Or you can use it as your own mini-CRM, keeping notes on telephone conversations or progress through the sales funnel. At the very least, you can remember at a glance who is emailing you.

The above apps are all designed to increase your sales productivity. But here's a bonus app just to make you look good:


Want the prospects you email to remember who you are? WiseStamp helps you easily generate a snazzy email footer that includes a photo and contact info. You can also add buttons from a variety of social networks, as well as customizing the color scheme.

Email signatures are important, because they give your sales prospects the tools to contact you when they’re thinking about it—right after they get an email from you. Your signature should include your phone number at the very least, as well as your company’s website. Fax and mobile numbers can also be helpful, as can a physical address.

If your signature is still boring (or worse, if you haven’t got one at all), head on over to WiseStamp and create one.

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