Test Marketing for a Successful Launch

Why Test Marketing?

 A new product launch can be both exciting and terrifying. Will your new product be a flop or a huge success? Will your customers embrace it with open arms, ignore it completely, or complain vociferously about it all over the internet? Will your great idea spark a revolution, or be consigned to the trash heap of history?

These questions and others like them are why test marketing is so important. If you implement a good test marketing campaign, then rather than biting your nails to stubs on the eve of your big launch, you can sleep like a baby, knowing that if your test market loved your product, the rest of your market will too. 

An effective test marketing campaign enables you to try out your product on a representative sample of your market so you can gauge beforehand how successful a full-scale launch is likely to be. Test marketing allows you to dedicate a more limited number of resources to an untried product to see if it will work, rather than putting all your eggs in one basket and simply hoping for the best.

Often a test marketing campaign will reveal subtle problems with your product or marketing techniques, which can then be corrected before the official launch. Test marketing gives you an opportunity to test not only your product, but also your pricing strategy, sales methodology, and penetration strategy.  It may even expose a fatal flaw, allowing you to scrap an unsuccessful product before going through the expense, hassle, and embarrassment of a large-scale flop.

Outsourcing Your Test Marketing

Often companies want to test a new product without interrupting sales momentum by pulling reps off their current campaigns. Or they may be unsure how to execute a successful test marketing campaign. Figuring out which metrics are important to measure and building an effective reporting model can also prove challenging. 

If your company is new to test marketing, a sales outsourcing company like Netpique may be the answer. Because we are experts at the process of selling, sales outsourcing companies are uniquely positioned to smoothly implement a complete test marketing plan. We specialize in quickly putting together sales teams of all types and sizes and launching them in widely different types of markets, so for us, test marketing isn't reinventing the wheel--it's second nature.

Netpique can take your new product out into the marketplace, test how it is received, and speak with potential customers about their needs, frustrations, and why they’re buying from the competition.

Using complex metrics developed over years of experience selling in different markets and customer segments, we'll go beyond just reporting the data, and help you fine-tune your product launch strategy and create a well-crafted feedback system that helps you understand what’s happening in your market, and how to position your company’s sales initiative for maximum return on investment.

Don't Let Your Next Product Launch Catch You Unprepared

The availability of relevant, reliable information prior to the launch of a new product or market can make the difference between wild success and embarrassing failure. Even if you’ve never written it on the schoolroom blackboard 100 times, the old truism works: "Knowledge is power."

Whether you go with a sales outsourcing company like Netpique sales outsourcing or decide to craft a test marketing strategy on your own, make sure you give proper attention to testing your product before the big launch. Don’t be left in the dark without the market information you need to make that sales launch you’ve been planning into the grand slam it deserves to be.

Chris GinnaneComment