An Outsourced Sales Force - Is It For You?

Maybe you're getting ready for a major expansion. Or you might have noticed a recent drop in sales production. Perhaps you have a new product offering and feel anxious about pulling sales personnel off current projects to support the new initiative. Or maybe you're having a hard time maintaining sales headcount and keeping down costs in the sales department.

These are just a few of the circumstances that prompt companies to explore the possibility of an outsourced sales force. For many companies, sales outsourcing provides a way to increase revenue, control costs, and keep internal resources focused on core business objectives. But in some cases, another sales solution might be a better fit. Let's consider some examples:

Outsourced Sales Force - Logistics

Company A is an international logistics enterprise. They are a leader in the international express shipping market, but have never been able to gain major market share in the U.S. due to the aggressive success of competitors who entered the U.S. market first. Company A lacks the internal resources within the U.S. to mount a major sales campaign.

An outsourced sales force would be a perfect solution for Company A. In fact, Netpique helped Company A penetrate the U.S. market. One year into their engagement with Netpique, Company A said: “We could never have accomplished such a dramatic turnaround so smoothly, quickly and efficiently by ourselves. Partnering with Netpique sales outsourcing was one of the smartest moves we’ve made, and we’ll be enjoying the benefits of it for years to come.”

Sales Consulting - Technology

Company B is a business startup selling an ipad app that helps dentist offices streamline their billing. They have no revenue yet, but would like to reach revenue of $250,000 by next year. Company B knows there is a need for their product, but is not sure how best to engage the many local dentist offices that are their target market.

An outsourced sales force would likely not be the best fit for Company B. Instead, Company B could benefit from sales consulting to help them develop a sales plan and model that uses their limited resources to best advantage. 

Outsourced Sales Force - Energy

Company C is one of the largest energy companies in the U.S., located in a state undergoing energy deregulation. Competition is exploding, and Company C wants to preserve its leadership position in the market and continue to gain new customers.

Company C needs an outsourced sales force. In fact, Netpique sales outsourcing deployed an outsourced sales team for Company C within 30 days and quickly scaled up the sales force as they achieved success in solidifying Company C's market position. Company C says, “We never though anyone could deliver on such an aggressive set of goals. Netpique sales outsourcing is helping us thrive in a hypercompetitive marketplace.”

Sales Training - Hospitality

Company D is a hotel chain that administers a series of local franchise properties. Their staff, while competent and friendly, lacks basic cold-calling and closing skills, and is having trouble keeping the properties adequately booked. These franchises need a brand awareness boost and some help building a pipeline for future room and event bookings.

A full outsourced sales force is not ideal for company D. What they need is just some sales training for their current employees. In fact, the training program that Netpique sales outsourcing developed for Company D resulted in greatly increased confidence, excitement, and effectiveness on the part of their sales teams, as well as filling their pipelines and creating sales momentum going forward.

Hopefully, you've been able to see your company in one of these examples, and have a better idea of what type of sales help you need. If you're still unsure whether you need an outsourced sales force or some other sales solution, we'd be happy to meet with you and discuss your options.