How To Outsource Sales and Marketing

More and more companies are considering how to outsource non-traditional sales functions like sales and marketing, as ever more outsourcing options become available. In fact, nowadays, you could theoretically outsource just about every aspect of your business.

The idea that you could potentially even outsource sales and marketing is a tantalizing one. But how does one begin to outsource sales and marketing? And what parts of sales and marketing are smart to outsource?

To figure it out, you'll want to start by asking yourself exactly what type of marketing and sales your company needs.

Outsource Sales and Marketing Planning

For some companies, the answer may be, "we don't know." And that's a perfectly O.K. place to start. Developing or revising a comprehensive sales and marketing plan can be a huge project. It can be especially difficult for a company launching a new product or significantly changing its trajectory or structure. In such a case, before deciding whether to outsource sales and marketing, you might want to meet with a sales consultant who can help you nail down your objectives, structure your operations, and decide where to strategically employ outsourcing.

Outsource Test Marketing

If your company's major need is for test marketing, outsourcing is likely an extremely viable option. A sales outsourcing company can develop and implement an effective test marketing campaign if you are testing a new product, market, or geographical area. If you already have an internal sales team and don't want to outsource sales and marketing completely, test marketing with an outsourcing company allows you to leave your sales force concentrated on current projects. 

Outsource Sales Training

Companies with an internal sales team might also want to consider outsourcing their sales training. Bringing in outside training can increase accountability, provide the sales team with important skills, and raise morale and facilitate team cohesion. Training solutions include short-term programs such as leading your team in a sales blitz to saturate a certain geographic area, or conducting a sales "boot camp" to teach basic skills to non-salespeople who have some sales responsibilities. A more comprehensive training program might involve ongoing training sessions, as well as ride-alongs and individual mentoring for sales reps. An outsourcing company can also help you to set up essential metrics for your sales team and determine appropriate key performance indicators (KPI's). 

Outsource the Complete Sales Function

For many companies, electing to completely outsource sales and marketing is the best option. If your company's resources are best allocated to core business functions, outsourcing can provide you with a steady stream of customers or clients without draining internal resources. A full, turn-key sales outsourcing solution will provide you with an instant sales team that you can order to be deployed anywhere in the country, scale up or down as needed, and easily hold accountable to meet your sales objectives.

Whichever way you choose to outsource sales and marketing, Netpique sales outsourcing would be honored to be a part of your company's growth plan.

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