Sales Channel Success All Boils Down to Culture

How Netpique’s Sales Channel Culture Drives Success

Over the past few years, a number of companies have entered the sales outsourcing arena. But while the competition for your business has grown, so too has our depth of experience and knowledge in the field.

As a strictly field-based sales outsourcing firm for the past 10 years, Netpique prides itself on our culture and core values. While we strive to mirror the values upheld by our clients when recruiting, hiring, and training sales executives for their companies, it is our core culture that enables us to so seamlessly transition candidates into sales roles—and motivate them to reach and often exceed their goals.

The Netpique culture rests on four basic building blocks:

Accountability. We practice accountability for our results on a daily basis via a disciplined sales process. Netpique begins with recruiting and hiring the best sales executives with access to best practices. Netpique accountability includes continual product and sales training, dedicated field management and defined territories, clear compensation plans, well defined expectations and a strong, targeted value proposition. Individual results are measured and quality is controlled daily.  

Development. We work to develop our people on a daily basis and show them a path to lifetime achievement as they master the sales profession. At Netpique, we recognize that great sales people are not born, but rather have a desire to succeed and grow. Netpique’s continual training, reward programs and opportunity for advancement are designed for sales people interested in developing their knowledge of best practices and furthering their careers as sales professionals.

Reward. Sales compensation plans are uncapped; sales representatives are in control of their earnings. Professional sales people perform best with clearly defined sales objectives that reward their efforts. Netpique’s sales compensation plans allow sales executives to achieve recognition and compensation through commissions, bonuses and rewards equal to their efforts.   

Celebration. Our sales culture is one of fun and celebration, with daily recognition to drive achievement. Netpique conducts continual individual, team and corporate recognition contests and events that recognize our sales associates’ contributions and award their achievements. 

Looking to outsource your sales efforts to an experienced team that drives results?