Sales Executive Profile: The Foundation of Your Sales Recruiting Effort

How to Build a Sales Executive Candidate Profile

If you’re looking to hire an experienced sales outsourcing company to recruit, hire, and train a talented sales force that meets your needs, you’ve come to the right place. Netpique brings more than 10 years of sales outsourcing experience to the table—and our expert recruiters are ready to serve…But you’re not off the hook just yet.

One of the most important elements of a successful sales recruiting effort starts with a company’s sales executive candidate profile. There is no one-size-fits all profile, which is why your deep knowledge of your company culture, products and/or services, and core values is critical to the proper development of this profile.

Often considered the foundation of a successful sales recruiting effort, the sales candidate profile should be a clear and comprehensive snapshot of what you’re looking for in the ideal sales representative. Consider these important questions when crafting the profile:

  • What level of education should your sales executive have?
  • Will your sales executives need experience in sales, or will you train them from scratch?
  • If you are requiring experience, do they need just general sales experience, or must they have industry experience as well?
  • What is the going rate for compensation of sales executives in your area and industry?
  • Can you afford the type of talent you need?

Compiling the answers to these questions will result in a comprehensive profile that can then be passed on to your sales outsourcing partner. At the outset of the relationship, prior to the start of the recruiting process, your outsourcer should ask for the following list of items in addition to your sales executive profile if they intend to professionally and thoroughly find candidates that match your needs:

  • A point of contact to facilitate approvals and communications within your company. It’s always best to keep communication flowing between a key contact, so that you and your outsourcing partner can share information and build a relationship during the process.
  • Job description. This is almost as important as the sales executive profile but more specifically lays out the responsibilities and expectations of the position. For companies that don’t yet have a job description, Netpique will work directly with you to craft one.
  • Total targeted compensation, including split between base and commission.
  • A description of all company benefits (401k, medical, dental, PTO, etc.)
  • Identification of any known behaviors/backgrounds that should be emphasized or avoided.
  • A high-level program overview. Sharing this information will help your sales outsourcing partner’s recruiters speak intelligently about your program and answer questions candidates might pose.

Want to place your sales executive profile in capable hands?