Sales Recruiting Basics for Small Businesses and Start Ups

5 Questions to Ask about a Sales Outsourcing Firm’s Recruitment Process

For many small businesses and startups, money is tight. Just the thought of hiring a sales team to get the word out about your products is overwhelming. Instead of looking to a sales outsourcing firm for a full outsourced team, have you considered hiring the experts to handle sales recruiting alone?

A comprehensive and targeted sales recruiting effort can give you a needed edge by putting the right sales reps in place for your business quickly and efficiently. But before you hire a sales outsourcing company to handle the recruiting for you, make sure you understand the outsourcer’s process by asking these questions:

How will you advertise the sales positions to locate qualified talent? An experienced sales outsourcing firm will have a recruiting strategy that includes media selection and placement in relevant sources. This may include media such as job boards, research in appropriate trade categories, and social/business media. Ask your potential outsourcer what placements they think will be most successful for you.

Do you offer pre-screening of qualified applicants? Telephone screenings are extremely important in determining an applicant’s qualifications and fit. Consider whether your sales outsourcing partner offers pre-screenings, and, if so, ask if you can provide the screening script so it’s tailored to your specific needs and requirements for sales representatives.

How is the interview process handled? While you should be able to rely on your sales outsourcing partner to find and vet a pool of highly qualified sales representatives, the ultimate decision regarding which of those candidates are the best fit for your brand falls to you. Ask your sales outsourcing company about the interview process. For example, at Netpique, we offer our sales recruiting solution in “packs” of six qualified candidates. Once we have scheduled you for interviews with them, it is your choice to hire as many of them as you want, and/or keep contact information for the rest as backup or for future expansion.

What if I need an ongoing hiring pool? A flexible sales outsourcer can also recruit a set number of sales representatives on a monthly basis. This approach keeps the decision-making in your hands, and enables you to fine-tune your sales team and quickly adapt to changing market conditions or company needs.

What other recruiting services do you offer? Full-service sales outsourcing firms go above and beyond to ensure all of your recruiting needs are met. Ask if your outsourcing partner also offers communication with candidates beyond the interview process, extension of job offers, accumulation of post-interview feedback, and applicant data tracking.

How can Netpique help with your sales recruiting needs?