7 Things to Look for in a Sales Outsourcing Partner

Does Your Sales Outsourcer Have All the Right Stuff?

When investigating potential sales outsourcing partners, there are key considerations that can help you narrow the search. The following is a list of the top 10 things to look for in an outsourcer:

  • Experience. A qualified sales outsourcing partner will have overall experience in field sales as well as diversified experience with companies differing by size and industry focus. If you’re a publicly-traded company and you’re looking to work with an outsourcing company, ask if they have experience working with publicly-traded firms. Under scrutiny from federal, state, and local governments, your company needs a partner with skilled HR capabilities and expertise in this area.
  • Model. There are different models you can incorporate when using sales outsourcing, both of which generate different employment environments. The 1099 model, which is also called independent contractor, or the W2 employee model. At Netpique, we incorporate a W2 dedicated model because it gives us more control over sales behavior. Ask your potential sales outsourcing partner which model they use, and consider if it’s the best fit for your operation.
  • Operational support. Does your sales outsourcer have a robust back office with strong reporting? It’s important to generate program level and individual sales representative performance.  A quality outsourcer will provide information and insights relative to the program, and will also suggest methods for improving results.
  • Culture of care. Your sales outsourcing partner should have a culture in place to support your investment in your brand: Large companies in particular want to make sure their outsourcer supports their brand with appropriate training, management oversight, and field-level support. 
  • HR compliance. Workplace requirements vary at the local and state levels, as well as by industry.  A sales outsourcer with a knowledgeable HR function will ensure compliance and prevent issues.
  • Proven track record of productivity. You should expect clearly defined sales objectives from your sales outsourcing partner that are developed in tandem with you, as well as accountability for the achievement of those objectives. Two key qualities of a successful sales outsourcing partnership are measurable goals and transparency.
  • Dedicated training capability. Your sales outsourcing partner should offer training beyond the program launch—not only for new hires, but also for tenured employees. The outsourcer should have the capacity to develop and deliver skills-based training as well as program/product or service changes. 

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