How Sales Outsourcing Can Support Your Brand

Does Your Sales Outsourcer Understand Your Culture?

If you have any trepidation about working with a sales outsourcer due to concerns that they might detract from your brand, you’re not alone. Businesses that have spent time and money building a brand are hesitant to put their trust in a sales outsourcer to uphold their identity.

While these concerns aren’t unfounded, they can be eased by partnering with an outsourcing firm that not only understands your brand identity, but has a strong culture of its own. Ask the following questions of your potential sales outsourcing partner:

  • What is at the heart of your sales outsourcing firm’s culture? If you’re working with a reputable outsourcer with a conscience, you’ll know pretty quickly. You can’t fake culture. It comes down to treating people well. Ask your potential sales outsourcing partner how they recruit, train, manage, support, and compensate their employees. The answers to those questions will tell you a lot about the values at the heart of your potential partner—and if those values mirror your own.
  • Are you prepared to mirror my company culture? If you’ve determined that the sales outsourcer you intend to partner with does indeed have a strong company culture of its own, you can feel fairly confident that they will be capable of mirroring yours in their sales efforts. Your sales outsourcing partner should be prepared to get out into the market with your existing sales force (if you have one) to obtain a very granular understanding of how your culture translates to the marketplace. This can be achieved only when the two organizations work together on an operational basis to immerse the outsourced sales team in the company’s brand.
  • What steps will you take to ensure my comfort with the sales outsourcing partnership? When entering into a sales outsourcing partnership, you may have questions about the confidentiality of your data. It’s critical to understand your sales outsourcer’s policies and procedures regarding hiring, background checks, documentation, and confidentiality agreements to ensure that your brand will be preserved and the employees hired by the outsourcer will not share sensitive data about your firm in the marketplace. A sales outsourcer who employs a sales team is generally much more capable of ensuring your confidentiality than one who works with independent contractors, who are not required by law to adhere to confidentiality agreements, codes of conduct, dress codes, etc. When evaluating a potential sales outsourcer, ensuring these policies are in place will make you much more comfortable regarding the protection of your brand.
  • How can I be confident the outsourced sales team will represent my brand accurately—even in the toughest situations in the field? This is one of the best questions you can ask a potential sales outsourcer, because it will tell you a lot about their culture. When properly trained, coached, and immersed in the culture of both the outsourcer and the brand, a sales executive should be able to handle any situation with grace—always with the brand’s integrity top of mind. For example, if an outsourcer’s sales executive approaches a potential customer of your brand, only to be met with dissatisfaction about a past experience or product from the brand, the employee should be prepared to react accordingly. It’s not his or her job to solve the problem, but rather to politely and professionally apologize for the issue and get the client a direct line to the appropriate party at your brand who can address the issue. When effective training, HR, and culture are in place at a sales outsourcing firm, you should have no worries that your brand is being represented accurately in the field.

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