Helping Your Sales Team Cultivate a Positive Attitude

Do you know what is the single most cited trait that successful sales people have in common? Is it intelligence? Extroversion? Work ethic? Ability to learn quickly?

Sure, all of the above can be factors that help you out in sales. But the single most cited trait of successful vs. unsuccessful sales people is something much simpler: a positive attitude.

Keeping a positive attitude helps your sales representatives to deal with the inevitable setbacks and difficulties that they face each day, and move on to the next challenge with excitement. It also rubs off on other people, including potential customers. Everyone wants to be around a happy person, so just projecting a positive attitude can make people want to talk to them!

A positive attitude doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but it’s something that anyone can develop with a little work and attention. Here are some tips to get you started in helping your team cultivate a positive attitude each day.

Good Morning, Sunshine!

As with many things, a positive attitude comes one day at a time. And the best time to start cultivating a positive attitude for your day is when you wake up in the morning. It's worth setting aside some time during training meetings to give your team some tips for beginning each day in a positive way.

Encourage them to start off their day with something that makes them feel good, whether it’s exercise, listening to upbeat music, or something else. When your sales representatives start out their day with whatever makes them happy and glad to be alive, it help set the tone for the rest of their day, and leads toward success.

Pull Each Other Up

There’s a reason sales professionals are generally organized in teams. Just like the common cold, a positive attitude is catching. If you project happiness and positivity, the people around you will feel it too. Unfortunately, the reverse is also true.

Help your team set a goal to support each other. Instead of dragging other team members down with negativity, encourage each member of your team to pull his or her teammates up with a positive attitude. Make a time during your sales meetings for them to share good things that have happened, funny stories, or even chocolate. If everyone agrees to be positive as a team, it will be easier when someone has a bad day to help him or her snap out of it rather than your whole team falling into the negativity trap together.

Say Thank You

People who feel and express gratitude are happier than those who don’t. Remind your team that it’s a useful exercise every once in a while to make a list of everything that’s good in your life, whether it’s big or small, and to remember those things regularly.

Help your team take it one step further by reminding them that they shouldn't just think about what they’re grateful for; it's important to say it too. Set a good example by making it a habit of saying thank you to the people who help you at the store, the drive-through, the bank, or wherever else you go during the day. Tell your sales representatives to thank their prospects for their time, their customers for their business, and everyone for the referrals they give.

Saying thank you will make everyone feel good. It’s a win-win.

Check In with Yourself

A positive attitude doesn't just happen. Even if your sales representatives start their day out well, it’s important for them to be aware of how they’re doing throughout the day, and maintain or regain their positive attitude. It is your responsibility to teach them to check in with themselves periodically throughout the day to make sure they are staying positive.

Give them suggestions for things they can do to refresh themselves if they notice that positive attitude flagging during the day. They should make sure their blood sugar isn’t too low, and that they’re properly hydrated.

Have them take a moment for a few deep, calm breaths if they’re feeling agitated. Encourage them to crank up the radio and sing along if they need a pick-me-up. Do jumping jacks. Cross off the to-do’s they’ve already accomplished, and congratulate themselves. Set a mini-goal for the rest of the day. Help them do whatever they require to get them back in a positive zone and help them finish out the day strong.

Cultivating a positive attitude as a team is a good first step towards a successful sales team. If you need more help with setting up your sales team to succeed, contact Netpique to see what options we can offer you.