6 Great Apps for Sales Professionals

Your sales representatives are busy people, and it's your job to help them work efficiently and learn to make the most of every minute in their day. Besides teaching them time-management strategies, streamlining your reporting system, and helping them work their territories as efficiently as possible, you might want to direct them to a few tools that can save them time and help them be more productive.

Here are 6 great apps that can help your sales representatives work hard AND smart.

Cam Card

Every sales professional collects business cards. But keeping track of all those cards can be tricky, and inputting all the data manually into a spreadsheet or CRM is a tedious and error-prone proposition. With Cam Card, your sales representatives can automatically digitize business cards as they collect them. Even better, the app syncs with your phone's address book, connects to LinkedIn and allows  you to make notes for each contact.

Go To Meeting

Go To Meeting is one of the best tools out there if you do remote sales training or meetings. The app is free to download with a paid subscription, so your sales representatives can keep in touch with management and sales prospects all in one convenient app.

Doc Scan

If your sales representatives need to scan documents on the go, Doc Scan is the best convenient way to scan, keep, and send anything from bills to contracts to anything else. The app instantly converts a photograph of a document into a tidy .jpg or .pdf, and allows you to email them or automatically sync with Google Docs or Dropbox.


Speaking of which, DropBox is the perfect way to send and share files that are too big to email. When your sales representatives are out and about with just a mobile phone, DropBox allows them to instantly share large files. 

Salesforce or Other CRM

Whether your company uses Salesforce or something else as a CRM, make sure every sales representative on your team has the associated mobile app. The whole point of a CRM is to organize data on prospects and leads and facilitate the ability of your sales representatives to move them through the sales funnel. Getting in the habit of using the mobile version of whatever CRM system your company has chosen will help ensure that reporting and data entry happen in a timely and accurate fashion.


It may sound obvious, but not everyone has gotten around to using the LinkedIn app. For an instant refresh on a professional contact before walking into a meeting, nothing beats glancing at his or her LinkedIn profile. 

These apps will help your sales representatives stay more productive. But if you need comprehensive sales training, Netpique can help! Contact us for a free consultation.