Attracting Great Sales Talent: Tips from the Sales Outsourcing Specialists

Sales Outsouring Specialists Offer Tips for Attracting the Best Salespeople

One of the biggest challenges sales departments face is attracting and keeping great sales talent. Here at Netpique sales outsourcing, sales is what we do, so we've made a science out of how to find and keep the most talented sales representatives in all the industries we serve.

One of the things we've learned along the way is that we do best when we align our interests with those of our employees and always stay in tune with what is best for them, as well as what is best for us as a company. We always want to ensure that our employees have the type of good experience that translates into financial success for them, sales for Netpique sales outsourcing, and results in line with our clients’ objectives.

So a few months ago we did a survey of some of our best up and coming sales talent to find out what attracted them to Netpique sales outsourcing. The results of the survey helped us understand better what we can do and emphasize to make sure that we continue to be able to find and hire good sales representatives. And we are sharing these results with you so that you can also benefit from our experience and findings, and more effectively attract and retain the kind of sales talent you are looking for.

What We Were Looking For

As we examined our recruiting process, we wanted to find out what influenced our sales representatives to apply for a job with Netpique, and also what factors resulted in them ultimately accepting the offer of employment here.

To that end, we interviewed several of our newest up-and-coming sales stars here at Netpique sales outsourcing. We focused particularly on sales representatives who have been with us for less than three months, and who have promising sales trajectories.

We wanted to know what sort of interactions our best sales representatives had during their initial contact with a Netpique recruiter, what impressions they had of the company based on our website, and how their interview experience influenced their decision to accept an offer of employment with Netpique sales outsourcing.

The Initial Attraction

Here at Netpique, we have a few different ways we acquire sales talent. The majority come from our sales recruiters reaching out to candidates who have posted their resumes on job sites like Monster. Many of our sales representatives also find the position at Netpique advertised on a job board, and apply directly. Finally, we also find great sales representatives via referrals from our current employees. 

What are some of the factors that initially attract sales representatives to Netpique? One of the things our new sales representatives loved was the pay structure at Netpique sales outsourcing. Several of them mentioned that the base salary made them feel more secure in the job, and set it apart from other sales jobs that were pure commission.

The uncapped commissions were also a huge draw, because people felt that it gave them unlimited potential for income, and allowed them the opportunity to control the size of their own paycheck based on the work they put in and their dedication.

The other common thread was the attractiveness of the Netpique schedule. Several interviewees mentioned that they were happy to find a sales job that didn’t require them to work odd hours or expect evenings and weekends.

Not only did they appreciate the professional atmosphere of a business to business sales job, but they were also thrilled to be able to work regular business hours—without having to spend the whole day in an office!

The Takeaway: You have various options when it comes to compensating your sales team, but the most attractive compensation package for sales representatives is a base salary + uncapped commissions. If you can provide them with reasonable working hours, that's also a great bonus. Just because they're sales professionals, it doesn't mean that they want to work crazy hours.

The Company Culture and Sales Environment

Beyond the necessities of a good schedule and pay structure, the sales representatives we interviewed were also impressed by the contact they had with members of the Netpique team. Those who had spoken with recruiters loved how friendly and open the recruiters were, and how they went out of their way to be helpful and let them know what to expect in an interview and as an employee of Netpique.

Most of the sales representatives we interviewed had also visited the Netpique website, and were impressed with the organization of the website and the professionalism it conveyed: It's a true resource for anyone interested in learning more about sales outsourcing.

The interview was cited as the most important place where our interviewees formed an impression of the company and what it would be like to work for Netpique. Without exception, they spoke highly of the managers who interviewed them, describing them as friendly, approachable, and enthusiastic about the job. They also felt that the job had been explained well, and that they knew what to expect.

The Takeaway: While obviously the financial side needs to be there, another important factor sales representatives use to decide what company to work for is the company culture. Nobody wants to work in a depressing or cut-throat environment. Do encourage healthy sales competition, but make sure that the impression you convey as a company is friendly, supportive, and professional.

The Icing on the Cake

Many of the sales representatives we interviewed had been considering other job offers when they accepted the offer to work for Netpique. While the pay structure, scheduling, and work environment were the top reasons they cited for choosing Netpique over other offers, there were some other things they liked about Netpique sales outsourcing.

Some were appreciative that the job wasn’t in an office, and involved meeting new and different people each day. Others liked the fact that they could stay within an area close to home, without the extensive travel required of many sales positions.

Several were intrigued by the idea of working for a well-known energy company that they had heard of before. Interviewees also felt that the product they were being asked to sell carried true value for the customer, and felt it would be something they would be comfortable selling.

The Takeaway: Every company has little things that set it apart, whether it's a great location, fun and interesting product, up-and-coming industry, or something else. Don't be afraid to ask your own employees for their feedback on your company, and find out what attracted them, so you can attract more of them. Learn what your company's strengths are, and how to play those strengths up to potential hirees.

If your sales program needs some revitalization, Netpique would be happy to help. We can use our decade of experience in sales to help you attract better talent, train and retain them more effectively, and manage them in ways that help them succeed and meet their financial goals, as well as helping your company experience true organic growth.