Sales Outsourcing: What You Need to Know

Why Your Company Should Consider Sales Outsourcing

You've probably heard the buzz about sales force outsourcing lately, and might be thinking about how it could work for your company. There are plenty of good reasons to use outsourcing to increase your company's sales. Here is some good baseline information to help you understand your options when it comes to sales force outsourcing.

Outsourcing Can Augment Your Sales Force

You don't have to choose between keeping your current sales team and experimenting with outsourcing. An outsourced sales force doesn't have to replace your current efforts. Instead, it can augment them, opening new sales opportunities for your company and bringing in fresh new ideas.

There are a few different ways you can use sales outsourcing to augment your sales force. If you have a new product line, you can leave your in-house sales force focused on current efforts, and have the outsourced team roll out the new product. Especially if you are looking to test market a new product, sales force outsourcing can give you an immediate feel for whether a full launch will be successful.

Similarly, if you are currently targeting a specific geographical area and want to expand into a new territory, an outsourced sales team can be ideal to save you the cost and hassle of opening a new office and transporting internal resources to a new city or state. 

Outsourcing Your Sales Force Can Protect Your Company

Giving another company control over your sales process can feel like a scary step, but having a trusted company manage your sales can actually keep your company safer from a variety of legal, taxation, and public relations problems.

When you outsource your sales force, the sales representatives and managers are employees of the outsourcing company, not your company. So the sales outsourcing company is responsible for paying all the associated taxes, as well as the entire HR burden. They handle drug testing, background checks, and hiring and firing.

So if the IRS decides to change tax regulations, or a sales representative files a sexual harassment complaint, or an entire sales team needs to be let go, that's their problem, not yours. Especially in a case where you may need to downsize the sales team, it's much more convenient to simply make a call to your outsourcing company than to deal with grouchy laid-off sales representatives or even possible press coverage.

Sales Outsourcing Can Improve the Way You Do Business

When you hire a good sales outsourcing company, you won't just get some sales people selling your product. A sales outsourcing company can provide you with an entire sales function, built from the ground up to ensure efficiency and sales results over the long term. 

The first step for a sales outsourcing company is usually to build you a functioning sales process, including creating a viable sales process, developing report modeling and performance expectations, and establishing appropriate sales support and integration with fulfillment. Before recruiting any sales representatives, your sales outsourcing company will also come up with a good job description and a total targeted compensation package that will attract the right talent. Finally, the outsourcing company will develop and implement an effective recruiting strategy, as well as a training  and on-boarding procedures. Managing the sales team and ensuring consistent sales results is, of course, also part of the package.

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