Balancing Sales and Product Training: A Sales Outsourcer's Perspective

Sales Training Tips from the Sales Outsourcing Experts

Sales training is a topic that many companies do not take seriously enough. After all, if you do a good job recruiting great sales talent, they really don't need any training, right?


To help your sales representatives achieve their full individual sales potential and learn to work together as a team, it is imperative that you invest sufficient time and resources into training. As with many other things, the more you invest in your sales representatives, the more you will get out of them. Well-trained sales representatives represent your company more professionally, produce better sales results, and are more likely to stay on at your company long-term.

However, even if you are implementing regular training, you can still experience substandard results if you are not balancing general sales skills training with helping your sales representatives gain in-depth product and industry knowledge.

Sales Skills

When you think of sales training, what you probably think of is training in sales skills like closing, resolving objections, and asking for referrals, or more specific techniques such as spin-selling or consultative selling. These are one of the pillars of your sales training program. During each sales meeting, your sales managers should focus on specific skills and help their team members hone these skills through examples, demonstrations, and role-plays.

While you should have a training manual that incorporates all the necessary skills for good salesmanship, it's important to not be a slave to any specific training schedule. Your sales managers should pay good attention to any emerging problems or difficulties their teams have with specific concepts and techniques, either individually or as a group. Training should focus on the skills with which team members need the most help.

In addition to focusing on problem areas, your sales managers should regularly cycle through all the sales topics in your manual, to ensure that your sales representatives stay at the top of their game. 

Product and Industry Training

While general sales training is crucial to the success of your sales team, specific training about your product is also vital. The mistake that some companies make is attempting to hire sales representatives that are experienced with the expectation that they will need no training. Even if your sales representatives are highly motivated and skilled, without in-depth knowledge of your product, industry, target customers, and sales and fulfillment process, they will not effectively represent your company or sell your product. 

Your sales representatives should understand your product, your competitors, your target customer, and industry trends. They should be familiar with the sales cycle for your product, and typical objections and their resolution. They should know how they are expected to keep track of sales and other data, and how the sales process transitions into your company's fulfillment process. Depending on what processes and tools you use, your sales representatives may also need training in using your CRM. 

Only when your sales representatives are receiving adequate training in both these two areas will they be able to perform to their best ability and bring you the sales results you need. If you need help writing a sales training manual, developing a training program, or managing your sales team, please give us a call! Netpique sales outsourcing has over a decade of experience in the sales outsourcing field, helping companies like yours achieve sales results tailored to growth goals.