Best Year-End Purchases for Your Sales Team

Have you ended up with some extra budget for your sales department at the end of the year? For tax reasons, it's important to use it up, but that doesn't mean it needs to be wasted. Depending on how much budget there is, and what may be going on with your sales team at the moment, you may be able to use that extra budget to set yourself up for even greater success in the new year. Here are some purchases you should consider.

Make Your Sales Team an iPad Team

Is your team using iPads to do their sales presentations yet? If not, you may want to consider making the switch. iPads are lighter, more portable, and less breakable than laptops. More importantly, they create a different experience for your customers. A sales representative behind a laptop is less approachable (and let's face, less cool) than one who pulls out his iPad as a visual aid. The other major use for iPads in a sales team is as a reporting tool. Whether you use Salesforce, your own proprietary CRM software, or something else, make sure that your employees have the correct apps installed on their iPads to maximize productivity.

And if you do decide to make the switch to iPads, don't expect your sales team to simply know what do to with their new iPads when they get them. Plan to do some trainings and roleplays, as well as giving them a list of suggested apps to make their lives easier. And make sure to follow up in a month or two to make sure that they are still using the iPads effectively.

Throw a Sales Contest

Another effective place to utilize extra budget is in a sales contest. An end-of-the-year contest can be a great motivator, and help your company finish out its sales year strong. Some of the best prizes around this time of year are things that can help your employees along with Christmas. Consider an electronics contest, with flat-screen televisions, iPads, and similar prizes.

Another way to organize the contest is to tally up performance, assign points, and allow sales representatives to "bid" for gift cards to stores like Target, BestBuy, or Home Depot. 

End-of-Year Bonuses

Sales professionals are used to having to work for any bonuses they get. But if your company has had a good year, you might want to consider paying out bonuses to your employees, "just because." An end-of-year bonus can help employees feel invested in the company, and know that the company values them and their ongoing service, not simply each individual dollar they bring in. 

A Charitable Project

A few weeks ago, we gave you some ideas for ways your company can spread goodwill during the holiday season. A little bit of extra budget can go a long way toward helping your community. Offer to match employee donations to a good cause. Sponsor a holiday dinner at a homeless shelter in your area, and invite your employees to help serve it. Or let your sales team vote for which Christmas project/donation they would like your company to do. The idea is to build team spirit and help your community at the same time.

Good luck using up that extra budget to best advantage this month! If you find yourself in need of help with training or managing your sales team in the coming year, Netpique sales outsourcing experts would be happy to assist.