3 New Year's Resolutions to Improve Sales Results

The holiday season is nearing its close, and it's time to look forward to the new year. The new year offers a perfect opportunity to evaluate the way your company has been doing business and implement some strategies to improve performance and accountability going forward.

Last year we walked you through helping your sales representatives to make effective goals. This year let's take a look at some resolutions your company itself can make to improve sales results.

#1 Become More Employee-Focused

One of the hallmarks of a good company treating its employees well. Take a good, hard, impartial look at what the experience of your employees is like at your company. How competitive are your salary, commission, and benefits? Do you provide mentoring for new recruits to help with onboarding, as well as giving new and long-term sales representatives the support they need to perform to their potential? Are there good lines of communication between your sales teams and their managers, and ways to address problems that come up?

In the end, your employees will pass on their experience to your customers, so follow a useful variation on the golden rule and treat your employees as you would like your employees to treat your customers.

#2 Spruce Up Your Training Program

The strength of their training program is an excellent predicter of a company's sales success. Giving your sales teams the tools they need to knowledgeably educate potential customers about your product and service, resolve objections, and effectively close their prospects only makes sense. 

If your training program could use improvement, you have a number of choices. You can dedicate time and company resources to overhauling it, bring in a consultant to help you do it, or hire a company to do your training for you. Another option is outsourcing your sales function completely to a sales channel partner that specializes in B2B sales. Whichever option is right for your company, make sure that you find a way to give your sales representatives the training that will help them give you the results you desire.

#3 Learn to Celebrate

Tomorrow it's time to ring in the new year with a fun celebration. But if you're smart, you'll create an ongoing culture of celebration in your company so that every sales representative feels that his or her achievements are recognized, appreciated, and rewarded. Now is a good time to plan out your sales contests for the year. Make sure you have a mixture of long-running contests with big, exciting prizes, and shorter contests with more modest rewards. 

Also think about what types of spontaneous recognition can happen. Encourage your sales managers to send out congratulatory emails when someone hits a milestone or makes a particularly impressive sale. Think about how you can incorporate special recognition into your sales meetings. And don't forget to set aside some budget for spontaneous sales contests and spiffs.

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