Developing a Positive Sales Culture, Part 2 - A Culture of Recognition

In a previous post we talked about some of the basic building blocks of a positive sales culture, including a good compensation plan, benefits, and a well-developed training program.

Once those basics are in place, the real work of building a sales culture can begin. As a profession, sales can be an emotional thing, full of ups and downs. It requires consistent dedication, and an ongoing commitment to excellence. While true success in sales comes from internal discipline, you'll want to do everything you can to help motivate your sales representatives and give them what they need to succeed. One of the most important ways you can do that is through developing a culture of recognition.

It's important to celebrate sales success at your company. Excellence in sales should be not only recognized, but rewarded. Besides praising individual achievement and recognizing it in sales meetings or team emails, it makes sense to organize a number of sales contests throughout the year so that your sales team will always have something to work toward and look forward to. 

Some of those contests can be long-running. For example at Netpique, we have the President’s Club, which takes place during the second half of each year. Other contests last for a month, or even shorter. Sometimes we’ll even announce an extra spiff in a particular market if things need a boost for the day or the week.

We’ve found that this combination of short- and long-term goals is the most effective recipe for helping sales representatives to achieve their potential. Sometimes that might mean that you are even running more than one sales contest simultaneously, allowing your sales representatives to be rewarded twice for their performance. This type of motivation is especially important as the year draws to a close. With the complications of weather and the holidays, sales representatives can use a little extra motivation to get them to the end of the year.

During the month of November at Netpique, our sales representatives have a chance to work toward both the President’s Club, a long-running contest, and the Closeout Blowout, a shorter-running contest.

Benefits of a Shorter Contest

The reason we love doing a shorter contest is that it gives our sales representatives a manageable length of time in which to make an intensive push and really exert themselves to excel. The Closeout Blowout runs for just eight weeks, and allows our sales representatives to accrue points based on their sales performance, to be cashed in for prizes at the end of the contest.  The Closeout Blowout will end with an auction where the sales representatives can “spend” their points on gift cards to places like Best Buy, Home Depot, and Target.

Benefits of a Longer Contest

At Netpique, we emphasize the importance of having the Mentality of a Champion—not just winning once, but aiming for ongoing excellence. The President’s Club, which runs from August until December, gives our sales representatives the opportunity to hone their dedication over an extended period of time and pace themselves to come out as marathon winners, not just sprinters. The President’s Club winners will enjoy a beach getaway in sunny Palm Coast, Florida.

Having regular sales contests will help your sales teams  celebrate their accomplishments and the hard work that made them happen, and motivate them to continue performing well throughout the year. If your company needs assistance developing these types of sales contests, please contact us. We can help you create a culture of recognition and drive organic growth for your company.