Outsourcing Your Sales Training

What type of sales training is your company doing now? A good sales training program can be difficult to get off the ground. Starting from scratch and writing a training manual, training your sales managers to be good trainers, and putting in process good training practices like ride-alongs and regular sales meetings, is overwhelming for many businesses. Unfortunately, without a well-thought-out training strategy and good sales culture, you may find that your sales teams have difficulty retaining sales executives and hitting goals.

Professionally developed, effective training is what makes the difference between a well-functioning, profitable sales team and one that just limps along. If your company doesn't have a good training program in place, it might be worth talking to a company that can do the hard work of developing a training program for you. Here are a few benefits a sales training company can offer you:

New Employee Training

The first few months of a new sales executive's tenure at a company set the stage for his or her success or failure. Effective onboarding and orientation can help your new sales executives adapt to your organization's sales culture, learn important new skills, and understand the company's expectations when it comes to performance, behavior, and ethical standards.

Helping new hires to quickly gain the skills, experience, and confidence they need to succeed will help your company reduce unnecessary employee turnover, maintain steady headcount, and have a more cohesive sales team. Ultimately, it's cheaper, more efficient, and better to give your new sales executives all the help they need, rather than simply hiring on new ones when these don't work out.

Good Training Practices

Your company can have a great product and ethos, but if your sales managers aren't implementing important regular sales training practices, your sales executives will not be able to effectively communicate the value of your product or service to potential customers, or use appropriate techniques to encourage them to buy. 

Regular sales meetings are indispensable as a tool for sales managers to help their teams stay on track and focused. Depending on geography and training needs, these meetings can be conducted daily, twice-weekly, or weekly. It is important to assess the needs of your team and plan accordingly. These meetings should not be ad hoc or improvised by individual managers. They should follow protocols developed on a company level, and include systematic training in sales techniques and in-depth product knowledge, as well as opportunities for practice and team building.

Customized Training Solutions

One of the best things about getting outside help with your training program is that you won't be reinventing the wheel. A sales training company already has significant experience and will be able to adapt a well-designed training program to your specific requirements, as well as tailoring it to your industry and market.

Whatever your needs, you can find a training solution that will fit them. For some companies, hiring out the training component completely is the way to go. For others, a few on-site seminars per year coupled with web-based, interactive supplemental sales training maximizes benefits while keeping sales training affordable. A sales training company can also help with specific needs, such as geographically-focused sales blitzes intended to jump start your sales team in a particular area and get their pipelines filled.

Are you contemplating outsourcing some portion of your company's sales training needs? Whether you need us to develop you a complete sales training program from scratch or inject excitement and motivation into your sales team through targeted training seminars, Netpique sales outsourcing has a solution for your sales training needs. Call us today!