The 5 Best Things About Sales Outsourcing

It's getting towards the end of the year, when you evaluate what's gone wrong and what's gone right for your company. You've probably excelled at some things, and wish you could just hire someone else to do others.

Fortunately, sometimes you can do just that! As companies search for new and better ways to drive revenue, control coasts, and improve productivity, sales outsourcing has become an important strategy. Sales outsourcing allows your company to focus on its own core competencies, while maintaining maximum effectiveness in other areas as well. Sales outsourcing has proven to be a particularly important option for many companies. Here's why:

#1 Sales outsourcing can have an immediate effect on your bottom line.

It doesn't matter how amazing your product or service is if nobody knows about it. If your company is great at R&D, customer service, and quality, but has a hard time getting the product to market, sales outsourcing can be a perfect fix. Deciding what sorts of sales executives you need, finding, hiring, and training them, and building a sales function that seamlessly integrates each new sale into your fulfillment process takes a lot of work and time--time that busy executives don't always have.

A sales outsourcing company already knows how to put a sales team together, and can save you valuable time by dispensing with the usual learning curve. Here at Netpique sales outsourcing we can start a new campaign within 45 days and add additional markets within just 30 days.

#2 Sales outsourcing can reduce your HR burden.

Employees can be expensive and high maintenance. Hiring paperwork, background checks, and the ever-increasing health insurance premiums and other benefits can make hiring on new sales professionals a constant drain on company resources. Because of the nature of sales, there is often more attrition in sales positions, increasing those costs exponentially.

Sales outsourcing allows you to shift the entire HR burden over to your outsourcing company, which will recruit, screen, and hire your sales team. And because the sales executives are employees of the outsourcing company, if you need to downsize in the future you won't have to worry about firing anyone--just let your outsourcing company know you need to ramp it down.

#3 Sales outsourcing can give you an edge over the competition.

Have things been done in exactly the same way in your industry for a long time? Maybe it's time for an infusion of new techniques. If you're trying to pull ahead in a competitive market, a sales outsourcing company can streamline your customer acquisition process, help you reach new markets, and overhaul your sales strategy.

#4 Sales outsourcing can help you get your budget under control.

The sales department can be one of the most difficult places to make and stick to an accurate budget. New hires, terminations, and team restructuring can add in unpredictability. The decision of how long to hold on to under-performing sales professionals can be a difficult one to make when any course of action will lead to yet another unplanned expense.

A sales outsourcing company can take the guesswork out of your budgeting, giving you a fixed rate to pay per sales representative, and presenting you with predictable results on a regular basis.

#5 Sales outsourcing can enable you to easily pinpoint problem areas and efficiently fix them.

Maybe your sales department needs a complete overhaul. But maybe you're doing well in most areas and only lagging in one or two. You don't have to outsource your entire sales function to get the benefits of sales outsourcing. Just need help with recruiting? Outsource your recruiting and get a steady stream of well-qualified, experienced candidates. Frustrated with trying to make a lackluster training program work? Get an outsourcing company to build you a training program, conduct an invigorating seminar, or do regular on-premise or remote training sessions.

Other aspects of sales operations, such as sales analytics, performance management, sales administration, and functional support are also possible candidates for outsourcing. If you need help deciding which parts of your sales function would benefit from outsourcing, contact Netpique sales outsourcing today for a free consultation.