7 Things About Sales Outsourcing Your Boss Wants To Know

Convincing the CEO to Try Sales Outsourcing

From your place in the trenches, running a sales team or your company's entire sales program, you can appreciate how outsourcing all or part of the sales function could prevent a lot of headache and lead to accelerated growth. But how do you convince your boss that sales outsourcing fits into the big picture and can solve some of her most serious concerns too?

Sales outsourcing can have a positive impact not only on the productivity of your sales department, but also on the overall health and functioning of your company. Here are seven advantages of sales outsourcing that will make your boss a believer. 

#1 Strategic Planning and Competitive Intelligence

Sales outsourcing companies do much more than just sales. You know (and hopefully your boss knows too) that a successful sales program is more than just hiring some reps and shooing them out the door to get sales. A sales outsourcing company can help you build your sales function from the ground up, assisting you with determining your target market and verticals, positioning your product to effectively reach your customers, and collecting data on how others in your sector are positioning their own sales efforts.

Before hiring a sales team, you should have a well-defined candidate profile, an appropriate and competitive compensation structure, and an effective recruiting strategy. A sales outsourcing company can assist you with the analysis you need to get the ideal sales reps for your product and model, and then present you with a team of experienced, professional reps. From there, you can either manage the program yourself, or utilize the services of your outsourcing team to train and manage your new recruits. Whether you choose to outsource your entire sales function or just the initial steps, your initiative will have a much greater chance of success with the solid foundation a sales outsourcing company can provide.

#2 Accountability

There's nothing better than having clear channels of communication and well-defined responsibilities. Your boss hates ending up with disappointing sales results and then having to hunt for complex internal causes and ferret out the real problem. An outsourced sales company functions like a full sales department. But it also gives your company a single conduit to the sales force. Your boss's contact with the sales outsourcing company will be a knowledgeable consultant whose job is to talk high-level strategy and then translate your boss's expectations into results.

Your boss knows that when the company's sales department isn't performing to expectations the buck ultimately stops with her. She would love to have single neck to wring when things go wrong. And you'd love it if it wasn't yours.

#3 Reliable Budgeting

A sales outsourcing company begins with the end in mind, creating detailed sales forecasts and revenue projections based on years of experience and fine-tuning. Your boss is probably tired of making financial projections that don't end up being accurate because of unpredictable expenses associated with running an in-house sales force. 

Poorly producing sales reps generate extra costs in the form of salary and benefits while they're not producing, potential unemployment or disability claims, and recruiting and HR costs for replacements. Even worse, they take up disproportionate amounts of manager time. An outsourcing company can take the guesswork out of your boss's financial projections, charging you a fixed cost per rep in the field and quickly replacing poor producers at no additional cost to your company.

#4  Hassle-free Hiring

One of the most challenging aspects of building a successful sales program is attracting and hiring the right sales rep candidates. Putting an ad in the paper is no longer sufficient as a recruiting strategy. Your boss is probably frustrated if your company is experiencing a "revolving door" phenomenon when it comes to sales talent.

Sales outsourcing companies do a lot of hiring, and they know exactly how to find good sales rep candidates in your industry. An outsourcing company can sit down with your boss and create an ideal sales rep profile, as well as build a compensation model that includes the right balance of salary, commissions, and benefits, to attract those reps. Going one step further, the outsourcing company can go ahead and provide your company with a steady stream of new recruits so that your sales team is always functioning at full headcount.

#5 Effective Training

Sales training is a science in itself, and even the best sales reps will flounder if they aren't given a good working environment, consistent training, appropriate monitoring, and regular incentives and encouragement. If your company has never developed a good training program, your boss may be at her wit's end trying to make sure that your brand is represented appropriately, procedures are followed, and productivity stays on track.

A sales outsourcing company can quickly come in and create you a training manual and set of procedures tailored to your company's product and sales structure. Your sales teams might benefit from short-term sales blitz training or from a more ongoing series of training seminars. A sales outsourcing company can either take over management and training or serve as an auxiliary training resource and motivator.

#6 Scalability

Did your boss's last big expansion project flop? Even if you have a well-functioning sales team, expanding it, especially within a short time-frame, can cause things to fall apart quickly. Sales outsourcing teams are especially good for rapid expansion into new markets. Your boss can leave your current sales force in place, and utilize the outsourced team to break into a new geographical area or market segment.

Large companies often have recruitment and HR procedures that make hiring new sales reps quickly almost impossible, hampering growth. A sales outsourcing company can launch a new initiative in 45 days and expand into new markets on the same initiative in just 30 days.

#7 Eliminating Bad Press

Negative media exposure is one of those things that keeps your boss up at night. When market conditions are forcing her to downsize, the last thing she wants is reporters calling her up to ask her questions about it so they can splash the story all over the front page. Layoffs are a delicate, emotional issue, and can generate bad press even if they're done in the best possible way and for the best possible reasons. 

A sales outsourcing company can eliminate the problem completely. When you outsource your sales, the sales reps are employees of the outsourcing company, not your company. When your boss makes the difficult decision to downsize, all she has to do is call up her contact at the outsourced sales company. The outsourcing company will take care of terminating or reassigning its people, and your brand will stay insulated from bad press. No disgruntled former employees picketing your corporate office or flooding the internet with angry reviews. No reporters calling for a statement on the impact of layoffs to the community.

These are a few of the many benefits of outsourcing your sales to a reliable sales company. Would you like to talk to us about what Netpique sales outsourcing can do for your company as a full-service sales outsourcing partner? Or would your boss like to talk to us? Go ahead an give us a call to schedule your free consultation.