5 Best B2B Sales Blogs To Follow

How many sales blogs do you read daily? None? 100? In our information-saturated world, we are inundated with "content" and advice about sales, some of it good and some of it frankly not worth wasting time on. How do you know which blogs actually publish useful advice and are enjoyable to read? Here's a short list of some of the best Business-to-Business Sales blogs out there.

#1 A Sales Guy

Jim Keenan is fun to read, down to earth, and extraordinarily well informed about the latest sales trends and techniques. In fact, he made the list of the Top 50 Sales and Marketing Influencers for 2012. His blog will give you everything you need to keep yourself going in sales every day.


#2 Hubspot

Hubspot makes some of the best internet marketing software out there, so they're definitely experts in inbound sales. With its focus on attracting website visitors, closing prospects, and delighting customers, the Hubspot blog is a great read if your website figures into your sales strategy.


#3 Sales Engine

The Sales Engine blog is the brainchild of Craig Wortmann, a sales consultant who has carved out a niche for himself writing about entrepreneurial selling, based on his experience in sales and as a CEO for several different small, dynamic companies.


#4 Salesforce

As well as producing the CRM software your company probably uses to keep track of sales prospects, Salesforce produces an excellent blog geared toward helping today's sales person excel.


#5 Fresh Sales Strategies

This blog, written by sales author Jill Konrath, has a healthy mix of tips on social selling, selling tools, and success strategies. As well as written content, Konrath has produced dozens of short video sales tips. So if your learning style is more audiovisual, you'll want to check out her blog.