Is Your Company a Candidate for Sales Outsourcing? Take the Quiz

If you've been hanging out anywhere in the business world lately, you've probably heard that sales outsourcing is the up-and-coming way to increase revenue, manage costs, and bring your sales process under control. Companies in industries as diverse as energy, logistics, and web services are experimenting these days with outsourcing sales.

But is your company a candidate for sales outsourcing? A number of factors, including company size, current sales structure, budget, and level of sales strategy, can influence whether sales outsourcing is right for you.

Take this handy quiz to find out if you should book that consultation with the outsourcing company.

Quiz: Should Your Company Try Sales Outsourcing?

What's your sales budget?
How developed is your sales strategy?
What size is your company?
What is the composition of your current sales team?
How long has your company been in business?
Which part of your sales function is suffering? (Check all that apply)

Ready to try out sales outsourcing with your company? Whether you need sales recruiting, training, management, or strategy, Netpique can help!

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