3 Ways to Green Up Your Business For Earth Day

In the current climate of environmental consciousness, taking steps to reduce your company's environmental footprint is not only the right thing to do; it's a great business decision. Greening up your business helps protect our planet, but it also makes your company more attractive to potential employees and customers who care about the earth. And the icing on the cake is that it can also save you money!

Here are some simple but effective ways your company can save the earth while running more smoothly and economically.

#1 Green up Your Workspace.

You might associate "green" office spaces with trendy, loaded silicon valley tech companies. However, any company can implement a few work space modifications that will save energy and make the office more comfortable. These include things like energy-saving lightbulbs, trees and other sun-shields, and motion sensors for water faucets in office restrooms.

Our corporate office at Netpique is in Florida, so we get a lot of sunshine, and we take advantage of it with floor to ceiling windows in the conference room and other areas. However, that sunshine can make the room awfully hot when it's shining right in the window. So we have heat-blocking translucent window shades that we pull down when the sun is shining directly in the window. They reduce glare, as well as blocking direct sun, while still allowing light through. On nice days like today, we also prop open the doors to get some fresh air and take advantage of pleasant outside temperatures.

#2 Let Your Employees Work from Home

More flexibility with work from home arrangements has become commonplace for companies today. Which is great, because done right, working from home can be an everybody wins scenario. Employees who work from home have no commute, greatly reducing gas consumption and greenhouse emissions. And they don't require office space, enabling your company to save on rent, utilities, and other expenses.

At Netpique corporate headquarters, we have several employees who work from home either all the time or part-time. If you are nervous about trying out a work-from-home arrangement with your employees, start small, and let them work from home on an occasional basis to see how things work out. Even small-scale flexibility with work-from-home arrangements can make a big environmental impact. If every employee at your office worked from home just one day per week, you'd be cutting down your carbon emissions and gas consumption by 20%.

As a bonus, because we often have team members who aren't in-office, when we collaborate on document creation and review, we aren't even tempted to do a lot of printing during the process. Sharing and editing documents electronically cuts down on wasted paper, as well as keeping things neater and more efficient.

#3 Be Creative With Business Communications

Part of what makes working from home a viable option is utilizing technology to stay in touch. Smartphones and laptops keep everyone in the loop. Judicious use of GoToMeeting or similar virtual meeting software can reduce your company's need for expensive (and natural resource-consuming) business trips, as well as keeping offices in different locations in better touch with one another. Online meeting software can be especially powerful for sales teams, allowing effective sales training to take place regularly even over long distances.

Here at Netpique, we regularly use virtual meeting solutions for administrative meetings and client meetings. We also conduct training sessions, both for our own sales teams and for those of clients, via online conferencing software. These online training sessions are especially effective as follow-ups to less frequent in-person training events. Whether you have multiple offices or are considering allowing employees to work from home, thinking through different ways to keep in touch as a company is a great way to boost effectiveness and reduce resource consumption at the same time. 

Hopefully, these suggestions can be a jumping off point for you to figure out ways your company can more earth-friendly. Happy Earth Day!

Chris GinnaneComment