9 Essential Traits of a Good Sales Recruiter

Sales reps play an important role in any organization that relies on them, and the job of finding enough appropriate candidates for sales positions can sometimes be both challenging and exhausting. To keep up, a sales recruiter needs a certain combination of effective skills and personality traits.

Do you have what it takes? What are the areas where you could potentially improve? Whether you're in management and looking for a sales recruiter for your company, or are a sales recruiter yourself and looking for tips on how to up your game, here are the top traits that will ensure your recruiting success and help you keep your sales team consistently at full headcount.

1. Be Nice.

Your sales recruiter is the vanguard of your organization when it comes to potential employees. First impressions are paramount, and a pleasant, warm reception is a powerful tool for drawing in sales rep candidates and making them feel like your company is a place where they would like to work. If your recruiter is someone they enjoy interacting with, they will infer that the rest of their co-workers will be pleasant to be around too.

2. Be Organized.

Sales recruiters deal in a very high volume of resumes and candidate interactions. They're the people who have over 500 contacts on LinkedIn and an address book brimming with prospects. Nobody can keep that many relationships in their head. So effective organization is essential, and we're not talking about a desk covered in post-it notes. A sales recruiter must keep track of current and past prospects and keep a constant "bench" of pre-qualified candidates that can be hired on quickly should the need arise.

3. Be Helpful.

Don't forget that the potential sales reps the recruiter speaks with are probably actively seeking employment, and having many similar conversations this week. It's important to set yourself apart by going out of your way to make it easy for them to respond to your company's offer. A sales recruiter should always be sure to encourage candidates to call him or her with any questions or concerns before or even after the interview. 

4. Be Sales-Oriented.

A sales recruiter must be just as sales-oriented as a sales rep. Except that instead of a product or service, sales recruiters are selling an opportunity. The same techniques, skills, and attitude that convince customers to buy will convince potential employees that they want to grab the incredible opportunity of working for your company. Fortunately, sales professionals are often the easiest type of people to sell. They're easily excited, and love to picture themselves succeeding. 

5. Be a Good Listener.

As any good sales professional can tell you, persuasiveness is as much (or more) about listening as it is about talking. A good sales recruiter encourages potential recruits to talk about their concerns and hopes. Really listening to candidates will make them feel understood, validated, and confident in the opportunity. It will also help the recruiter to better identify good matches for positions and spot red flags that would inhibit a prospect's performance in the organization.

6. Be Tech-Savvy.

Gone are the days when filling an open sales position was a matter of placing an ad in the local paper and waiting for interested candidates to phone. Nowadays, online job boards are a much more effective place to find potential employees. Familiarity and proficiency with an online recruiting tool such as Smart Recruiters or JobVite will also make a recruiter's job much easier and more effective, as well as promoting collaboration between recruiting and other departments.

7. Be Genuine.

It's always easier than we think for another person to recognize deception or dissembling. Building a relationship of trust is paramount, since it will be the foundation for all of the prospect's future interactions with the company. Sales recruiters should always be open and honest about the position the company is offering. Don't misrepresent the opportunity. Setting good expectations will prevent disappointment on both sides and contribute to a positive relationship.

8. Be a Hunter.

Simply posting ads on online job boards and waiting for potential candidates to appear won't get a sales recruiter very far these days. Instead, it's vital to actively search through the resumes job candidates are posting on those very same boards, using effective search terms and methods. Other sources include referrals (ask for them from current employees as well as job prospects) and LinkedIn, which is an especially good source for management talent.

9. Be Courteous.

One of the things job candidates hate most is lack of follow-up from recruiters. It is easy to let successful candidates know they got the job, but just as necessary to inform the rest that they have not been chosen. A personal note is always nice, but at the very least a responsible recruiter will set up an automated email letting unsuccessful candidates know that the position has been filled. Ending the interaction positively can build goodwill, open the door to referrals, and allow the recruiter to extend an offer if things change. Don't burn your bridges by being unresponsive.

Hopefully, this has given you a good feel for what is most important in a sales recruiter, whether you are one or are searching for one. Having a hard time finding a good sales recruiter? Netpique sales outsourcing can help! We provide recruitment services, as well as other sales-related services, including training, consulting, and full-service sales outsourcing. For a full list of services offered, see our website.