You Don't Have to Be A Big Corporation to Benefit from Sales Outsourcing

There are some things that big corporations can do that you can't. As a small or medium business, your resources aren't infinite, and you may not have the brand clout of a big multinational. But there are some things you can do just as well as the big guys. And sales outsourcing is one of them.

When you think about outsourcing, you might be thinking about those big corporations moving their factories overseas. But even as a small or medium business, you can do some outsourcing right here close to home. Sales outsourcing allows you to leverage the expertise and experience of a sales outsourcing company to supercharge your bottom line.

In fact, in essence, sales outsourcing allows your company to benefit from the kind of sales strategy and performance you thought only big corporations could afford. Sound good? Well, if you're ready to look into outsourcing some or all of your sales function, here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

Find a Sales Outsourcing Company that's a Good Fit for You

Is your product one that sells well over the telephone? Then go ahead and look for an inside sales company. However, if your sales process could benefit from visual demonstrations or in-person rapport, you'll be better off with an outside sales company that can put sales representatives out in the field and on the doorsteps of potential customers. 

When you are evaluating sales outsourcing companies, make sure that they have an understanding of your customers. Do you sell directly to consumers, or is this a business-to-business sale? What does your customer profile look like? Whether your product or service is targeted toward C-level executives at large enterprises or your local mom and pop, make sure you are hiring a sales outsourcing company that is experienced with selling to that kind of customer. 

Once you've established compatibility using the above criteria, you can ask if your prospective sales company has experience in your industry. While experience with a similar type of customer and sales process is vital, industry experience can be the icing on the cake. 

Figure Out Which Part(s) of the Sale Function You Should Outsource

One of the great strengths of sales outsourcing for a small to medium sized business is that it can provide you with what amounts to an instant sales department. From sales strategy to test marketing to recruiting, hiring, training, and managing sales reps, an outsourcing company can take care of it all, while presenting you with regular sales numbers, analysis, and recommendations.

Advantages of this "turn-key" approach include the ability to quickly expand into new markets or ramp your sales force up or down. When you outsource the entire sales function in this way, the sales outsourcing company shoulders the responsibility of doing the HR paperwork, following regulations, maintaining headcount, and hiring (and firing) reps when needed.

For other companies, especially start-ups, a consultative approach is best. If your company is too small to hire a high-power VP of sales, bringing on a sales consultant can give you a valuable team member who can help you plan a strategy that will put your company on the road to sales success. A sales outsourcing or consulting company can also help you perform vital market research and conduct test marketing.

In some cases, you may need help with a very specific part of the sales function. For example, if you have a difficult time maintaining sales team headcount, you might consider hiring an outsourcing company to do your recruiting. If you lack the internal resources to develop a robust training program, you might outsource sales training. 

Here at Netpique sales outsourcing, we would love to be a part of your organization's sales success. Connect with us today to find out how our flexible solutions can help meet your company's sales need.