5 Things You Should Know About Sales Outsourcing

You've heard about call center outsourcing, IT outsourcing, and manufacturing outsourcing. But what about sales outsourcing? Here are five things you should know about this up-and-coming way to redeploy resources and boost the bottom line.

1. Sales Outsourcing Has Nothing to Do With Sending Jobs Overseas

While outsourcing manufacturing jobs may mean sending them to China, typically a sales outsourcing company is a domestic or even local company that specializes in performing the sales function. Just like you might outsource the janitorial, bookkeeping, or IT support functions of your company, you can outsource your sales function. Sales outsourcing companies are experts at finding the best local sales talent and putting it to work for your company.

2. Sales Outsourcing Works for Any Size Company

While traditionally sales outsourcing has been employed by large enterprises in the energy and telecommunications industry, there are now also excellent outsourcing options for companies of all sizes, from start-ups to mid-size to large enterprise. In fact, sales outsourcing often makes even more sense for a smaller company without the resources to set up a full-fledged sales team on its own. A sales outsourcing company can act as a complete, turn-key sales department, giving even a small company the resources and sales expertise of a much larger enterprise.

3. Sales Outsourcing Can Shield Your Company from Negative Media Coverage

One of the most unpopular things a company can do is lay off workers. While it can be an unfortunate necessity, downsizing your work force is likely to result in negative media coverage, disgruntled former employees, and a diminished public perception of your company. When you outsource your sales force, you also outsource all your HR headaches, including hiring paperwork, background checks, benefits, and of course, recruiting, hiring, and firing. The sales reps work for the outsourcing company, not for you, and your name never gets splashed all over the front page paired with venomous journalistic disapproval of downsizing.

4. Sales Outsourcing Can Save You Money

When you outsource your sales, you eliminate the need for hiring expensive senior management, as well as the costs inherent in dealing with sales force turnover. An experienced sales outsourcing company can take the guesswork out of starting up a sales team, employing time-tested strategies and techniques that will save you time and money. You won't have to reinvent the wheel, and instead can benefit from the outsourcing company's years of experience and expertise.

5. It Doesn't Have to Be All or Nothing

Doing fine with the sales team you have, but having a hard time maintaining headcount? Consider hiring an outsourcing company to recruit for you. You can also hire an outsourcing company for other a la carte services like sales training, consulting, strategic sales planning, or managing an existing sales team.

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