Sales Outsourcing Companies

With all the other pressures you have running your company, sometimes nothing makes more sense than just finding someone else to take care of your entire sales function. Fortunately, there's a great way to do just that. Sales outsourcing companies exist for one overriding reason--to help your company's revenue grow.

However, there are different types of sales outsourcing companies, and different aspects of the sales function that can be outsourced. Which company and outsourcing options are a fit for you depends on your company, your needs, and your resources.

Is your product or service intended for a business-to-business (B2B) audience, or a business-to-consumer audience? Be sure that your sales outsourcing company focuses on the audience you want.

In-Market Sales vs. Telemarketing

Some sales outsourcing companies exclusively provide telephone sales. Advantages of telemarketing include the ability to quickly reach a large number of potential customers, as well as relatively low costs. However, for some markets and products, telemarketing can result in a low return on investment, because of high rates of customer annoyance and bad phone lists.

In-market or face-to-face sales can be very effective, especially for a B2B market. Although it tends to be more expensive than telemarketing, an in-market model also generally produces better results. Especially for a more complex or high-end product, in-market sales is usually the best option.

Hiring Practices of Sales Outsourcing Companies

When considering your various options for sales outsourcing companies, you should also find out a little bit about their hiring practices. The two main employment designations for sales representatives are W-2 (employee) and 1099 (independent contractor). W-2 employees are hired directly by the sales outsourcing company, and work under direct supervision. They are usually paid a salary and commission, and are dedicated to selling for just one company.

1099 independent contractors, on the other hand, are paid just a commission on sales made, and may represent multiple companies and products.

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