What is Outsourced Sales?

If you work in anything related to sales, you've probably increasingly begun to hear the terms "sales outsourcing" or "outsourced sales."

But what is outsourced sales?

Simply put, outsourcing sales means delegating part or all of your company's sales function to an outside company. Businesses have long outsourced functions like payroll, IT support, tax preparation and web design. Now many organizations are realizing that outsourcing sales gives them healthier ROI, greater flexibility, and better control over the sales force.

What Is Outsourced Sales Doing For Companies Today?

Companies often use an outsourced sales force to expand into a new market or product offering without pulling internal sales reps off of current initiatives. Outsourced sales is also a great option for test marketing, allowing a company to try the waters before committing a large number of internal resources to a new, unproven initiative. A company with both large enterprise accounts and small business offerings will often hire a sales outsourcing company to oversee the acquisition of small and medium business accounts, while handling the enterprise accounts internally.

For some companies, a sales outsourcing company can entirely replace the internal sales force, functioning as a sort of instant sales department. Completely outsourcing sales provides a way to redirect focus toward core competencies, streamline sales expenditures, and ensure better accountability. Since an outsourced sales force can be quickly ramped up or down, sales outsourcing is an ideal tool for rapid expansion.  In a situation where a sales department is in serious trouble and needs major restructuring, sales outsourcing can provide interim productivity or even become a permanent alternative to an internal sales force.

Is Your Company a Candidate for Outsourced Sales?

When evaluating your company's sales outsourcing needs, you should consider which parts of your company's sales plan are functioning well, and which aspects need some help. Some sales departments have trouble finding enough sales people, and would benefit from outsourcing sales recruiting. Others have a problem with retention, and need outsourced sales training or management. In some cases, outsourcing the entire sales function will provide the best results.

If you are unsure where the problem originates, or need help with a thorough analysis of your sales department and its strengths and weaknesses, sales consulting is a good place to start. A sales outsourcing firm can provide consulting to diagnose problems and help you form a solid sales plan going forward. Whether your sales department needs a full overhaul or just a few tweaks, sales outsourcing can help!

What is outsourced sales going to do for your company in this coming year?

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