B2B Sales Channel Solutions

Netpique’s in-market sales solutions, drive our clients' success by expanding  their reach and growing the targeted customer base. We recruit, hire, and train sales professionals that bring our client's product  or service directly to the targeted customer.   Netpique’s experienced professionals assemble dedicated field sales teams that grow our client's presence and acquire new customers .

For more than 15 years, Netpique has specialized in channel development, partnering with companies across a wide range of industries.   If your looking for a few or a few hundred sales professionals,  Netpique can help you grow revenue, control costs, and expand into new markets more effectively and efficiently with dedicated channel representation.

Speed to Market - Competitive Advantage

Companies often come to us when they are looking for fast paced growth or are facing limited or stagnate growth. Sometimes your internal sales efforts are too slow to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions. Sourcing and hiring qualified candidates, properly training them, and continuously managing them can take a lot of  time and resources away from core aspects and slow the progress of your new product launch or expansion. A top-notch sales team requires professional support and continual attention to remain successful.

Netpique provides a fully functional sales department, enabling you to quickly reach your sales targets and growth goals.  Netpique  takes care of everything, from recruiting and HR paperwork to account management, training and  KPI management. Our dedicated sales professionals are ambassadors for your brand, maintaining a consistently high standard of professional representation.  

We provide a stable, profitable growth model that is measurable and flexible. Our sales teams can ramp up quickly when you need additional sales, or scale down just as easily when you face cuts. Because they are our employees, not yours, you’ll never have to deal with layoffs or the resulting media fallout. 

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Struggling with Sales Budgets?

Some clients come to us when building an internal sales team results in too many unpredictable costs. Salary and benefits for unproductive reps can be a significant revenue drain, compounded by unemployment claims when they are let go. Recruiting and HR paperwork for replacements, along with time and production lost disciplining underproducing reps and training new ones, create additional unbudgeted costs.

Netpique can take the guesswork out of your financial projections. Our nonstop recruiting engine replaces poor producers quickly and efficiently, at no additional cost to you, and with no interruption in team productivity. We also take care of HR, benefits, unemployment claims, and other “extra” costs.

We streamline your sales expenditures, presenting you with a predictable, controlled sales budget. You pay a fixed cost per sales rep in the field, and we work tirelessly to maintain headcount, so your sales team always runs smoothly and at full production. What else should you look for in a sales outsourcing partner? →

Launching a New Product or Market Expansion?

If you’re wary of pulling your sales team off of current campaigns to support a new launch, or simply having a hard time working up the momentum to expand into a new product offering or market, you could benefit from Netpique’s extensive sales experience, nationwide coverage and speed-to-market. 

Our recruitment, HR procedures, and sales training are streamlined and optimized, giving you the benefit of relying on our expertise and processes so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel in your organization. We can pilot a new sales program in just 45 days, and launch additional markets in under 30 days. When a campaign requires extreme time sensitivity, Netpique can even parachute reps from existing markets into new markets to decrease ramp time, while maintaining full headcount at both the old and new locations.

In a situation where first mover advantage is crucial, we can help you enter each new market ahead of the competition and remain consistently competitive once you get there.

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