Global Logistics Company Hires Netpique to Expand U.S. Market Share

About the client

Our client is a global market leader in the international express and logistics industry. Company generates annual revenues of over $100 billion and employs over 500,000 in 225 countries and territories worldwide.

Client Needs

Originally founded to deliver documents between San Francisco and Honolulu, the company expanded its worldwide services throughout the 1970’s. Their primary interest was in offshore and inter-continental deliveries. In the 1980’s, the success of competitor Federal Express prompted our client to expand intra-US activities aggressively while also pursuing international expansion into countries served exclusively by the company. With this massive growth, our client was never able to overcome the domestic competition’s headstart, capturing only 6% of the domestic market. By the end of the decade, domestic operations were losing money. Despite massive investment in domestic operations, our client announced in 2008 it needed to cut almost 10,000 domestic jobs and discontinue air and ground operations within the US. This left the company largely limited to international services – with an urgent need to attract new customers within the US. Clearly a solution was needed.

The Netpique Solution

With resources spread razor-thin, the company needed a turnkey sales solution to grow domestic market share. They required an immediate increase in sales without investing scarce resources – time and money – in identifying, hiring and training a new sales force. They turned to Netpique. We responded with a simple proposition: an outsourced, dedicated professional sales force that can be deployed rapidly and get in front of qualified and targeted customers with a combination of the right message and the right offer.

The Netpique solution started with modeling, training and tactical deployment to provide dedicated professional sales representation. And in later phases we added in-person brand recognition, field management and order processing.

Netpique Results

Netpique seamlessly launched a dedicated field sales team consisting of one manager and 10 reps in New York City. Within the first 90 working days of the relationship we helped the client acquire almost 100 new shipping customers. And over the next year Netpique expanded in to three other Tier One markets generating over 15,000 shipments with anticipated aggressive growth in future years.


Onward & Upward

 After a slow decline in domestic sales, our client enjoyed steady, sustained growth in domestic shipments almost from the first day we deployed our first dedicated field sales force for the company. Using Netpique’s proven standards and training principles, we were able to align the sales force with the client’s objectives, providing a seamless, transparent transition and ramp-up. We helped the client acquire new precision-targeted customers, one market at a time, while reducing the sales cycle significantly. And by engaging with Netpique, the client was able to reap these rewards without the huge investment of identifying, hiring, training, deploying and managing a field sales force of its own.

One year into this highly successful engagement, the client commented, “We could never have accomplished such a dramatic turnaround so smoothly, quickly and efficiently by ourselves. Partnering with Netpique was one of the smartest moves we’ve made, and we’ll be enjoying the benefits of it for years to come.”

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