Sales recruiting today is much more than a matter of placing ads and waiting for applicants.

To attract the best talent and maintain optimal headcount, your recruiting team must utilize a comprehensive hunting model to seek out potential recruits, vet them properly, and hire them efficiently. B2B sales channel expert, Netpique, will help with your recruiting and hiring needs on either a one-time or ongoing basis using the following process:

  • Candidate source options
  • Sourcing for supplemental headcount needs
  • Initial candidate contact strategy
  • Candidate interview scheduling
  • Candidate rate of flow
  • Recruitment follow-up
  • Candidate profile and pre-qualification

Frustrated with your efforts to find and retain enough successful sales professionals to maintain headcount and team performance? Have a need to introduce a new sales team to supplement existing sales efforts or support a new geography, target market, or product line?

Contact sales outsourcing expert Netpique today.

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